"I know my Redeemer lives!"

Evil has fallen upon the kingdom of Erylon in the land of Keokuk. The wicked have executed a plan. The Most High God has an answer. An extraordinary adventure has begun. This is the tale of the last days of Erus-the original earth-the world that was, and the life that was, before the Rebellion brought evil and the Great Collapse. Come hear a telling of an olden time; a time of myth, magic and miracles, when faithful hearts found triumph over tragedy. Join the young prophetess Gailel-servant of the One Most High-along with her faithful confidant Maid Kimia, as they struggle, flee and fight against the forces of the heinous lord Daemen den Moc and his wicked blood magician, Rulik Suu. The prize? Nothing less than the everlasting souls of the Yune, Elves and humankind of the first earth-and the very life and liberty of Gailel's only son, the young Tylen, whom Daemen believes to be the prophesied Iylon Sor, the most powerful magician to ever live.

M. J. Rusaw tells a compelling story of a mythical world that mirrors our own, a world in which amid the fires and fears and fantasies of every heart a hero lives, a hero who longs and loves and hopes to leave a legacy-a world in which the right-hearted must fight the good fight of faith against the dark forces of evil and deceit. Gailel's ordeal is a headlong rush of utmost risk. She is armed with the Great Sword Xye'gan Tye-yet, will her faith hold? Will her God help her? Join us and discover.
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